Vadym Hrusha


Vadym – CEO & co-founder of BlockSoftLab.

Vadym began to write the first lines of code in his childhood.

While still a student, he won the competition for a large IT software development company, where he gained experience working on projects at Bank of America, HSBC and other world-renowned financial institutions.

With a few development friends, he founded a team for the development of blocking solutions called BlockSoft.

Today BlockSoft is a professional talented team with many years of experience and a tireless flow of vivid ideas that loves what it does.

BlockSoft develops smart contracts, wallets, tokens, new crypto-currencies, and conducts security audit of smart contracts.

Develops and implements solutions for the storage and use of crypto assets, applying approaches that far exceed traditional security standards.

Topic: Ethereum VS EOS

The report will address:

  • fundamental differences in network arrangement and consensus protocols;
    comparative characteristics of network technical parameters;
    organization of management and development of network protocol;
    which add-ons on which network is better to build.

Find out the difference between using Ethereum and EOS >>


Vadym Hrusha

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