Sergey Skabelkin


Co-founder of FinTech Cluster

Co-founder FinTech Cluster in Ukraine. Since 2012, Vice President of the Association UELBU, expert in the field of FinTech and mobile banking, business architect of mobile wallets and on-line services.

More than 10 years of successful work in the banking sector: Bank Privat Bank (Privat Credit project), Russian Standard Bank, Swedbank (public), Alfa Bank, Venture Fund LifeSreda (” LifePad “), CJSC” SmartFin “(mPOS terminals 2CAN), PJSC” FidoBank “(FidoWallet project) and others.

He took an active part in the creation and promotion of several FinTech startups in mPOS, contactless payments using NFC HCE CBPP technology, loyalty programs and mobile wallet.

Interests and hobbies: FinTech start-ups, crypto-currencies and services based on BlockChain, Internet of things and transfer of values ​​via the Internet, music in the techno-pop style (fan of Depeche Mode and Technology groups), amateur and a good connoisseur of craft beer, Dominican cigars and Scotch single malt whiskey.


Sergey Skabelkin

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