Peter Bel


Managing Partner of Byzantium. He has been working with crypto-currencies since 2014. Successfully held seven ICO, including Naga and Bankex, which collected $ 60 mln.

In the past, the PR-head of Humaniq, the editor-in-chief of several publications and the ex-editor of CoinTelegraph.

Theme of the speech:
– PR and marketing for start-ups and ICO. What is sold in the market and do you have to pay for it?

Announcement of the speech:
– How the ICO was advertised in 2017
– Race of advertising arms and tightening of competition in 2018
– The main types of services in the advertising and marketing for ICO
– How success of your ICO depends on advertising and how to distinguish a good counterparty.

Peter Bel is a partner of BYZANTIUM ICO agency. Peter has been working for 7 years in PR, both on the side of the media and on the client side. He acquainted with the crypto industry, when he was an editor of the CoinTelegraph. In BYZANTIUM, he is responsible for external communications of ICO, publications in Internet resources and organizational issues of conferences.
He was engaged in the promotion of such projects as Cointelegraph, Humaniq, Cryptoping, Crypviser, Bankex, Naga.


Peter Bel