Oleksii Konashevich


Alexey is a doctoral student at the University of Bologna in Italy, a LAST-JD fellowship.
Lawyer, economist.

Until 2016 he lived in Ukraine, after the revolution engaged in lobbying and social activities: he was the manager of the public group E-Democracy in the Reanimation Package of Reforms.
Co-author of the law on electronic petitions in Ukraine.
More than 10 years of legal practice in leading positions in large companies in Ukraine.

Topic: Real Estate Tokenization Concept

About the topic:
To this day, the real estate sector remains the most regulated in many countries. Typically, real estate transactions require a lot of bureaucratic red tape, time, money and effort. Any transaction is surrounded by a large number of intermediaries and third parties.

Based on the technology block, the concept of property tokenization has been developed. It aims to fully digitize the real estate sphere, eliminating the need to interact with intermediaries and officials. The concept involves legislative innovation, but in the long run will give people the opportunity to manage their rights completely online. Imagine that you could invest in real estate around the world, in a matter of seconds without getting up from the computer, including a co-investment, similar to the ICO.

But this is not the only purpose of this development. The concept assumes complete decentralization and creation of a model of a self-regulating society, where people manage processes not through the system of state bodies, but directly, through a system of “smart laws”.

Thus, the concept of “smart law” has been developed – this is the next step, from a contract regulating private attitudes to the law, rules in the public sphere are digitized in the form of a code. In fact, the bitcoin protocol is the first example of a clever law, where public relations of currency turnover are settled by code. We’re going to go further to start managing public relations on the basis of e-voting on the blockbuster. For today, the project goes from theoretical to practical work; Negotiations are conducted with the governments, and a team is created and partners are involved in its implementation.


Oleksii Konashevich

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