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Blockchain as a mechanism for simplifying business processes. Legalization and implementation of technologies in Public Administration in Ukraine: risks and prospects
Aeneas – decentralized government relations platform
Hardware human identifiers and blockchain transactions signing
Blockchain is a platform for socially useful crowdfunding. Subject clarifies
Latest ICO trends in Eastern Europe
Banks and Blockchain: present and future
Debugging smart ether contracts or how to look for a black cat in a dark room

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Policy due to Blockchain technology. Scenario for Ukraine
Transferring crypto currency to fiat money
World trends of cryptocurrency regulation
How to find a crypto investor, research and practical examples of projects
Problems and perspectives of servicing Blockchain technology. Mining of cryptocurrencies
Blockchain and Fashion: how the fashion will change cryptoindustry
How to raise $ 70 million for ICO: PR campaign BANKEX
How to make a blockchain on Scala and not get burned

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Libertarianism and Blockchain. How cryptocurrencies and blockchain changes the world
Financial world order changing with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
Taxation and legal settlement of crypto  assets in Ukraine
Designing your app for new emerging markets
Hashgraph, iota, byteball and other DAG (direct acyclic graph) projects as an alternative to Blockchain
Blockсhain as a facility for the development of green economics