NEM in action. Less words, more actions

At the eighth Kiev Blockchain forum you will receive a report from three representatives of the NEM team in Ukraine:

Alexey Launberg:

As an entrepreneur, Alexei understands all the challenges and difficulties facing modern Ukrainian businessmen and, thanks to his practical experience, knows in which areas the practical application of blocking technology is possible. Being a member of the NEM Ukraine team, Alexei shares with the business community of the country the capabilities of the NEM platform, pre-testing them on their own business.

Yevgeny Klyukin:

Evgeny is an economist and business analyst with extensive experience in retail and manufacturing. As the leader of the NEM community in Kiev, Eugene focuses on the practical application of blockade technology in business instead of the usual and overvalued earnings through investment and trade in crypto-currencies.

Anton Bosenko:

During his life, Anton managed to lead several teams in various areas of business, while demonstrating his qualities as a leader and organizer. This allowed him to take the position of the head of the Ukrainian division of the NEM Foundation. Anton is an expert both in the technology of blockades and in the fields of its practical application.

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