What is KBF8?

KBF is an international forum dedicated to crypto-currencies and projects related to Blockchain technology. The program focuses on the current market issues: we take into account the rapid evolution of the world of detachment and each report contains fresh information with a practical focus.
And still, KBF8 is a lot of productive networking with the top players of the market, which means – new acquaintances with potential partners and customers.

For whom will the forum be useful?

The forum will be of interest to those who are not indifferent to the idea of private and free currencies, an open and honest market. It is recommended to visit it for those who hold a crypto currency or just think of making an investment portfolio, whose business is already connected with crypto-currencies or is planning to connect the technology of blocking.

Where and when will the forum take place?

We are waiting for you on September 3 at:
ul. Lipkovsky, 1A, RK “Ultramarine”, 3rd floor.

Registration starts and welcome coffee – at 10:00, start of reports – at 11:00.


How to arrive in Ukraine to foreigners?

To facilitate the entry into Ukraine of foreign citizens, we have prepared special invitations for the participants of the conference. This document is a sufficient basis for entry into the country. You can receive an individual invitation from the organizers of the forum – info@blockchainforum.com.

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