Reasons for the popularity of ICO

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In 2017, 752 ICOs collected more than $ 5 billion, this amount for the first time exceeded venture capital investments. In 2018, the ICO attracted 10 billion dollars. The popularity of ICO is explained by the benefits for all participants of the process:

  • Liquidity

In the classical schemes of venture capital investment, the availability of capital for the team is tightly regulated and the project can not use all the opportunities for several years. With ICO, start-ups can control all processes themselves, and investors see success at the current cost of the token

  • Decentralization

ICOs are available to everyone, especially when the team takes a crypto currency. The requirements to investors in most cases are minimal – timely payment and identification of the individual.

  • Openness

Investing in the early stages is available not only to large funds, but also to ordinary users. It is no longer necessary to negotiate personally with the founders in order to invest money in the project on favorable terms.

In ICO, the early investors are those who have managed to transfer money before the end of the presale. The benefit of such investments fluctuates within 30% (discount on tokens).

  • Infinity

The simple principle of financing through ICO allows almost any project to obtain capital for development. Many projects can search for funding for years using traditional methods. This may be due to the low attractiveness of the project or simply because of the location (for example, the project is based outside the centers of wealth). ICO is internationally and openly to countries where it is not prohibited.

  • Reinvestment

ICO is the ideal way to invest your crypto-currency profits. Owners crypto-currency often do not dare to export their wealth to Fiat, so as not to pay taxes on profits. Investing in promising ICOs is the best way to get extra profit without going into the real sector.

More and more investors are learning about the benefits of ICO and the growth of the industry continues. In 2018 tendencies of legalization of primary placement of coins are appreciable and as a result regulators should achieve almost full analogy ICO and IPO.

If you want to go to ICO, invest in a prospective project, or find out how to legalize your profits from investing in primary coin distributions, come to the Kyiv Blockchain Forum on September 3, where we will discuss these issues in detail.

2 comments on “Reasons for the popularity of ICO”

  1. Алекс

    Как можно вкладывать в ICO, не будучи знакомым с командой разрабов и СЕО лично?
    Я не рискую вот. Приходится ездить по миру на конференции и форумы 🙂

  2. Patrul

    2018 год по ико менее удачен, конечно. все больше крупных успешных проектов, а на скам всякий мелкий уже не обращаю внимания. хотя удалось успешно вложиться в 2017 в пару мини-коинов)

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