September 3, 2018, Vasylia Lypkivskoho St, 1А, RK “Ultramarine”, 3rd floor Kyiv, Ukraine






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World of Blockchain

The introduction of Blockchain technology allows to change the various areas of business and government. Speakers KBF will present their vision of future finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, supply, utilities and much more.

Structure of the forum

The forum program has 3 separate streams of presentations and workshops for professionals and developers, as well as all those who want to learn and understand the subject of cryptography and technology of decentralized data transmission.

Startups and ICO

Find out about new market players who showcase their products, services, platforms and solutions at our exhibition. Introducing startups is a great opportunity to invest.

Looking for a developer team?

From now, it’s easier to order the developers of the Blockchain project. We work with companies and individual developers and offer professional services in the development of Blockchain solutions.

Immersion in the cryptoreality

Actual information on the market of cryptocuriences, features of mining and trading, analytics and forecasts for the sphere of Blockchain, Blockchain for business, the specifics of holding youre own ICO

KBF 2018 Speakers

Founders of startups and cryptographers, financiers and public figures

Evgeniy Romanenko

Crypto-economist, iTuber channel narrator, moderator of crypto events

Anton Kobrynets

Founder of Gesellberg Cryptofinance, Aeneas, Ph.D.

Oleksii Zhmerenetskiy

Digital policy expert, KOLO club coordinator

Andriy Velykyy

Executive Partner в iguards.net

Alexandr Fedotov

Vice-director of “Olshansky and Partners”

Become speaker

Бажаєте стати спікером? Заповніть контактну форму та повідомте нам, хто ви та якою інформацією хотіли би поділитись – заявка

8 reasons to attend Kyiv Blockchain Forum 2018

Exhibition of Blockchain-projects

Large expo-zone for blockchain-startups

Professional community

Businessmen, traders, miners and investors

Practical content

20 reports, discussion panels, workshops


Potential clients and partners, simple acquaintances

True atmosphere

A zone for networking and a bright afterparty

Gifts from partners

Pleasant prizes from partners and loterries

Promotional activities

Separate blockchain VR-zone

Advices for beginners

Solving all issues in a one day

Choose type and book the ticket


  • Main stage and Development stage

  • Afterparty



  • Main stage and Development stage

  • Personal guide and assistant

  • Separate registration

  • Badge VIP

  • Afterparty



  • Main stage and Development stage

  • Separate registration

  • Badge Lifetime

  • Afterparty



  • Access to online broadcasting from Main stage and Development stage


* prices are valid till July, 11th
** Buy 2 tickets, get 3rd as a gift. To do this, pay two tickets and send registered names to support service. After that, we will send you a promo code for the free attendance of the third person

How it was



Want to present your own project worthily?

During the whole conference day there will be a demo zone where Blockchain-startups will present their developments.







Have a wish to visit our conference? Come on!

Many people have ever heard of Bitcoin, but not all of them use their everyday lives. The reason is, as a rule, one: users do not know how these financial services work and do not really trust them. Want to fill out information gaps? Come on!


The most serious obstacle to adoption of the Cryptocurrency

Over the past year, the popularity of crypto-currencies has increased, mainly because of the unprecedented growth of bitcoin in the fall of 2017. Today, 5 ICO (icodata.com) are held every day, at least one of which presupposes the creation of a new crypto currency for solving some problems of blocking and technology revolutionization. And yet,…